The era of disposability is over



Our leather glasses cases are handmade by craftsmen who have been working with leather for the past 20 years.

Quality Leather

For all our products we use high-quality leather.


All of our leather products have been designed with care and passion. Always keeping in mind what is most important for the user.

Our exclusive handmade leather cases have been featured in three British Vogue editions.


100% Quality Leather

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This is truly a different case. Clear and quick customer support. If you need something you get taken seriously and they come with a fast solution. I really recommend the DOOOS products!



The 16-year old creative thinker, Nino Galvez envisioned a better way

of carrying and protecting our glasses. So, he put his ideas on paper and created samples.

Finally, working side by side with experienced craftsmen, the idea was brought to life.


A collection of beautiful handmade leather cases with a special feature

to carry your glasses in style and with ease.


"If you can dream it, you can do it." ~ Walt Disney

"The items you carry are an extension of you"


Don't miss out!


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Tel: +31 622692551

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