Welcome to DOOOS



Hello there!

My name is Nino Galvez and I am 16 years old. I created a brand called DOOOS and I would love to share the story with you.
Why another brand?
It all started with me breaking my glasses on vacation. I got frustrated and I wanted to prevent this from happening again, so I went looking for a new glasses case, but honestly, I could not find one that I really like.
I decided to design my own. After I made that decision, it was time to get to work. I had to think, design But, I did not only want a brand with the perfect product. I also wanted to add things to the brand that are truly important to me.
Why Mexico?
For example, when I had to decide where I should make the cases. I chose to make them in Mexico, the country I was born in. I did this because the idea that my brand can help the local people by giving them a job that they love and that makes their life more fulfilling,  makes me really happy. Their passion for this craft is also what makes them so good at it.
Our planet 
Not only Mexico is important to me, but I think that owning durable products influence our planet in a positive way.
Our world is being polluted by many things we do on a daily basis and fast fashion is one of them. We buy stuff of low quality for low prices and without even thinking about it, we throw them away. This creates a lot of waste and it is really bad for our precious planet. A good example of this problem are the glasses cases that break often because they are made at a very low cost, so they are very low quality. It is not only annoying and expensive to buy a new glasses case every 6-12 months. It also makes our planet worse, by unnecessary pollution.
I believe that durable products are the future. Therefore, we create products that will last you a very long time.
So, DOOOS is not just about quality products. We care about people, our planet, and the local communities existing in this amazing world.